Softnet Consulting
Softnet Consulting

Technical Recruiting

We provide contract consultants and full-time personnel, who are well-seasoned industry experts to support your projects or join your staff.



Executive Search

Whether you are an executive looking for a new venture or an organization looking for new leadership, we will draw from our remarkable industry network to support your strategic business needs.




Our mission at Softnet Consulting is to be your preferred supplier of high quality candidates for your organization. Our recruiting staff has utilized their expertise for various international companies. If you have not worked with us before, you will find our energy and focus in support of your needs refreshing. 


We match exceptional personnel with top tier companies like yours.


- CEO & Founder,  Barbara Tolomei



Current Roles:

* Developer


*Senior Program Manager

*Director of Marketing

*Senior Java Developer

*Senior Web Developer


Staffing headaches?

We can help!    

Call 425-242-6059 or send us a direct inquiry.


Softnet Consulting


Kirkland, WA


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